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Nature has mesmerised and inspired us with its beauty of creativity since ages. Stones are the natural solid formation offered by nature and are the foundation of every physical world created by man. Every bit of stone is different, and nature’s evolvement has led to stone patterns last forever with its uniqueness.

Global Granite understands the significance of the stated fact above and bears responsibility in catalysing steadfast foundations. With a desire to help you adapt nature’s creation into your own, we at Global Granite carefully source the best quality stone and stone products. With over 20 years of experience and true passion for quality and beauty, our dedicated teams inspect and ensure premium quality standards of all the products before they are imported to the United Kingdom.

Our Products

Granite, an igneous stone formed of volcanic material such as Magma, is one of the most popular ornamental stones in architecture world. Global Granite offers a colourful range of Granite stones available in various surfaces and sizes to meet the dynamic demands of clients.


Marble is a metamorphic stone formed by rocks due to physical or chemical changes (mineralogy) in the environment. Marble is devised as a prized stone known for its elegance and ability to stand out in the crowd with its beautiful character.


Global Quartz offers a wide range of designed quartz surfaces with finest quality and premium surface finish. Global Quartz is a franchise of Glowstone, and eco friendly production house producing beautiful engineered quartz surfaces.


Global Quartz surfaces are 93% natural Quartz and 7% polymer resins. Each of the Global Quartz surface is non porous, homogeneous and highly durable. The debonair appearance provides the fell of natural stone with an unbeatable quality and panache.

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone formed of organic elements such as glaciers, rivers, plant etc. bonded by heat and pressure for millions of years. It is type of rock composed mainly of sand that has been bonded together by pressure of minerals consisting of grains of quartz, feldspar etc.


For those who value beauty, luxury and durability for their home decor, Global Quartz is the right choice. The natural sheen and glow lasts forever!