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Image by American Public Power Association


Quartz is also recyclable. Some quartz countertops are even made with post-consumer recycled glass.

In general, quartz is also regarded for its low emissions, and it can help contribute LEED points during a green building or redesign job.


Global Granite earnestly promotes and pursues sustainable development of all factors which comprises of the basic stone of sustenance.

We aim to create value for our customers while focusing on maintaining a sustainable environment. Our strong financial performance is always guided by a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Global Granite plans to incorporate social and environment friendly tools and appliances in all its operations. Global Granite was at the forefront in installing affluent treatment plants at its unit along with a water conservation facility which has been a highlight.

Global Granite India has installed a 5 MW Wind Energy Turbine which helps in providing green energy to the plant. The upcoming Solar Energy plant of 5 MW would leave imprints in stone industry of our resolve to harness development with sustainable energy. We innovate to be sustainable at major operating unit in Bhilwara and other locations as well. Growth lies at the core of every business. The meaning of this growth, in terms of business, has evolved over the years. While progressing and performing on the top is essential for basic sustenance, it is the thread of responsibility and value creation for customers  that reflects growth in true sense for Global Granite.

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